The Kingdom of Bhutan

Our first featured country is The Kingdom of Bhutan.

Bhutan is located on the eastern edge of the Himalayas and is a Buddhist kingdom. However, in 2008 they became a two party parliamentary democracy. Very well known for its monasteries, fortresses and magnificent landscapes from subtropical plains to steep mountains and their valleys, Bhutan attracts many visitors looking for both spiritual and sightseeing activities.

Bhutan has almost cut itself off from the rest of the world completely for centuries. They let in very little influence from the outside world. They do this so that they can protect their ancient traditions. Bhutan views guarding their culture as one of their most important values. For example, they did not have television or internet until 1999.

Many Southern Bhutanese citizens are residing in Nepal after being deported from Bhutan. There has been much conflict in the area about whether they should be allowed to stay. A large amount were sent to Refugee camps. While this conflict is still happening, many Bhutanese refugees have been sent abroad to start anew. Many have settled in India, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. In America, they are given around 6 months to adjust to their new lifestyles and are left to fend for themselves afterwards.

Each month we will post about an Asian or Pacific Island country and we will ask you a question about it in a following GBM. If answer the question correctly, you will win a FREE AASIA T-SHIRT. 

You need to be a PAID AASIA Member to participate in the game. This upcoming GBM (9/21) is your LAST chance to become a paid member.

We hope to see you all at our Micro-aggressions Workshop (9/21) in SCE 613 4-6 PM!

You can check our Facebook for more information.

Micro-aggressions Workshop

Hello all!!!

We’re glad you’re checking our website out!

Our next GBM on Wednesday, Sept. 21st we will be having a workshop on Micro-aggressions. If you don’t know what those are you should come learn more about them and how they may be affecting you. If you do know what they are, still come to see there may be some micro-aggressions that are new to you or to get a refresher.

We hope to see you next Wednesday! Tell your friends! Everyone is welcome!


Salutations AASIA! 

I hope you guys had a ton of fun at our last General Body Meeting of International Game Night. It was a blast playing a bunch of games both international and well known ones too. 

For our next General Body Meeting, we will be having a movie night! Not only a movie night, but an Image:D 

For our international movie night, we will be voting between Rurouni Kenshin or a Samurai Movie! 

We will be watching the movie in Burnham Hall Room 309 (it’ll be a classroom setting) from 4:00pm-6:00pm. 

Bring friends and get ready to just chill and relax with a movie and good friends. Hope to see you all there!


Greetings AASIA!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our Ice skating event! It was a blast trying to skate and some of us succeeding! 

So how many of you watched the Superbowl?
Did that Bruno Mars make you wanna dance your socks off when he sang Treasure? I know I wanted to! 

That being said, AASIA is proud to present it’s very own EVO workshop for spring semester! 

As most of you know, AASIA does have it’s own dance troupe, EVO. Hence, this week we will be learning a routine by EVO’s very own Raj Patel and Eva Meier.

So come out and shake what your mama gave ya! 

We start busting a move at 4:00PM -6:00PM in Student Center East, Room 605

Hope to see you then!

AASIA’s Date Auction!

Now that November has finally arrived, it is an exciting month packed full of awesome events! Our next event is going to be one of our biggest ones, Date Auction!!!

When: Wednesday, 11/6/13, 4pm-6pm
Where: Burnham Hall (BH) 308

What is Date Auction, you may ask…
Well, think of it as like a game show with contestants. We are going to ask the contestants questions and some will even show off their talents! Mash them up together and there you go, you got a date auction.

If you want to, you can bid for someone you want to go on a date/hang-out/ with. Don’t have money to bid on people? Not a problem! You’ll still enjoy the event. But we’re sure you will bid on someone. Come and see what’s going on!


Also, Imperial Ball tickets are on sale now!
We’re selling during the meetings, as well as everyday in AARCC if you see an Eboard member!
Check out our event page for more info:

The more the merrier, it will be a magnificent evening!



As Halloween is coming right around the corner, it is the perfect time for scary stories to be told. This week, AASIA is working with other Asian American Organizations on campus to talk about some of the spooky folklore from some of the Asian cultures! It would be awesome for everyone to come on out and learn more about the different Asian Cultures!

Cultural Day will be held:
Where: SCE 605
When: October 30th from 4-5:30 pm.

Also, don’t forget that we have our AASIA’s Affy Tapple Fundraiser and Bake Sale that morning, from 8:30-1 pm! We will be distributing our Affy Tapples that day, so please be sure to pick them up! A portion of all proceeds will be given to Asians with Disabilities Outreach Project Think-Tank (ADOPT).

Hope to see you all this Wednesday!



Thanks for coming out last week to our Game Day! Hope you had fun, and also rocked those midterms! Hopefully now that all that is over, you can have a lot of fun at this week’s meeting.

Our next meeting will be an Open Mic! It’s one of our biggest events of the semester and we want to see YOU there!

When: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013
Where: SCE 605
Time: 4:00 – 6:00pm

**OUT OF RESPECT FOR OUR PERFORMERS, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ARRIVE BEFORE OR AT 4:00PM. We want to ensure that all who are designated to perform are able to in the allotted time.

Interested in performing at Open Mic this week on the 23th? I know you are! If you would like to perform, e-mail Jessie at by 5 pm Tuesday, October 22nd with the following info:

-The name(s) of everyone performing
-What your talent will be
-Any time restrictions/if you can only perform before or after a certain time
(Sign-ups after 5pm or the day of Open Mic may or may
not get the chance to perform.)

Also, send her any .mp3s or YouTube links you’ll be using.

Don’t forget that AASIA will be having our bake sale on Oct. 30 also! Come get some sugary goodness at the Montgomery Lounge from 8:30am-1:00pm or if you want contribute to the bake sale you can help out or drop it off some dessert in the morning with us! We also will be distributing the Affy Tapple’s everyone had pre-ordered from us that week also. If you didn’t buy one, or want to still buy some more, we will be selling them at the bake sale! Remember that a portion off all proceeds of this bakesale and the Affy Tapple sales will be going to Asians with Disabilities Outreach Project Think-Tank (ADOPT).

Thanks everyone! If you have any questions, please email!

Can’t wait to see everyone on Wednesday!

Asian American Students in Alliance